Moldex3D Viewer Advanced

Introduction to injection molding simulation – for as little as 65.00 € per month!

View inside the cavity and 3D filling simulation

Moldex3D Viewer Advanced has a user-friendly interface and offers both extensive functions for the evaluation of Moldex3D simulation projects as well as a complete 3D filling simulation for thermoplastics and reactive plastics. Possible weak points of the component or the mold layout can be detected and analyzed at an early stage and suitable countermeasures can be initiated.
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Moldex3D Viewer Advanced offers a comprehensive set of functions and tools to review part designs, visualize part properties and optimize them according to available analysis results.
  • 3D Meshing

    Real 3D meshing saves time consuming geometry preparation and manual mesh editing.

  • Detailed analysis

    Visualization and analysis of possible component defects or problem areas of the mold layout enable design optimization.

  • Flexibility

    Floating licenses enable flexible use within the company.

  • Material data selection

    With access to an extensive materials database, users have over 7,500 materials to choose from.

Detailed 3D analysis as a basis for discussion for further development steps

Most problems in the production of injection molded components arise during component development. The elimination of resulting defects causes a large part of the additional costs due to iterations in product, mold and process optimization.

Component filling

Moldex3D Viewer Advanced enables the visualization and analysis of flow path lengths and component filling by means of complete 3D filling simulation. Quick Flow enables fast variant validation.

Cold and hot runner systems

Analyze cold and hot runner systems including sequential valve gating. This also allows the calculation of shear-induced temperature distributions in the runner in a symmetrical runner layout, which are often the cause of an asymmetrical filling pattern.

Runner wizard

The runner wizard offers a choice of different gate types, such as tunnel gate with a conical bucket, cashew gate, direct gate, disk gate and so on. A gate distributor wizard completes the options.

Automatic Reporting

Use your own template to generate your evaluation fully automatically. The direct comparison of calculations can also be documented automatically.

Air Traps and Venting

The Moldex3D Viewer Advanced allows you to predict venting to avoid any surface defects, such as burners. A suggestion for the optimal position of the vent is provided.

Looking into the component

Not just obtaining results on the surface of the part. Look inside the cavities. Identify component defects, such as weld lines or air traps. Tracer particles support you in evaluating the weld line quality. By means of visible hot spots, you can optimize wall thicknesses and thus the manufacturability of the component already in the early development phase.

Pressures, temperatures, clamping force

The Moldex3D Viewer Advanced allows you to seamlessly monitor the process of different parameters using XY curves.

Powerful comparison tools

Compare different simulation steps in one interface or display up to 4 results side by side. The measurement of distances, roundness and flatness help to perform a quick analysis and evaluation.
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