Non-linear, multiscale material and structure modeling, Additive Manufacturing

Accurate and detailed characterization of materials

Digimat considers injection molding in structural mechanics via an anisotropic non-linear material description.

Intended for users, designers or engineers who are looking for an accurate and detailed characterization of materials and want to close the gap between injection molding and structural simulation.
  • Accuracy

    High accuracy and easy operation

  • Universal

    Many areas of application (NVH, stiffness, thermomechanics, crash, etc.)

  • Integration

    Integrated into the CAE landscape (interfaces to injection molding / FEM software)

  • Comprehensive

    Extensive database of reinforced plastics (Solvay / Rhodia, Sabic, Dupont, Victrex,etc.)

Detailed analyses of reinforced components

Digimat is a state-of-the-art material modeling technology that accelerates the development of plastics, composites and structures.

The Digimat platform offers complementary interoperable software modules for individual purposes and is used by CAE engineers, specialists in manufacturing processes of composite materials and materials scientists to accurately predict the non-linear micromechanical behavior of complex multi-phase composite materials and structures.

Additive Manufacturing

With Digimat it is also possible to visualize the Additive Manufacturing process. The unique combination of material engineering, process and structural engineering in Digimat AM lifts 3D printing to a new level of efficiency and performance.

By applying multi-scale material modeling techniques to AM of polymers (unfilled and reinforced), Digimat virtual material compounding and characterization is a key enabler to developing new materials.

With the help of integrative simulation, the behavior of the finished component can be predicted taking the production process into account and the design can be optimized accordingly.


Digimat is a registered trademark from Hexagon.

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