Thermoforming Simulation

Realistic visualization and optimization of thermoforming

T-SIM is the simulation tool for modeling the complex manufacturing process of thermoforming, a forming process for thermoplastics characterized by large deformations of polymeric materials.

Whether by printing a mold on a heated plastic film, printing the plate on the mold or even by a combination of pressure and vacuum, the most important property of the plastic is that it can be heated well, but does not melt during thermoforming.
  • Realistically simulated

    Realistic display and optimization of thermoforming & identification of problem areas such as the formation of wrinkles or ridges

  • Optimal design

    Quick design review and process feasibility analysis of the desired product

  • Optimum wall thickness

    Statements regarding wall thickness distribution, temperature distribution, material separation, tension and ventilation options

  • Distortions

    Prediction of image distortion and pre-distortion for in-mold decoration process

Reliable results to check the producibility

T-SIM is a software package to simulate thermoforming, a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product. The software enables the user to analyze the complex process, the physical behavior and to optimize the thermoforming product.

T-SIM predicts the transformation and deformation of the décor and enables the optimization of the image distortion, too.


T-SIM is a registered trademark of Accuform, Czech Republic.

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