21 Nov 2024 until 22. Nov 2024 09:00 - 17:00
in Ghent University

BIMS 2 : Understanding mechanical properties of thermoplastics


BIMS 2 : Understanding mechanical properties of thermoplastics

The seminar’s objective is to introduce the participants to the unique and complex field of mechanical response of macro-molecular materials.
Rather than piling a large amount of information to try to describe the huge diversity of mechanical
behavior observed in such materials as amorphous, crystalline, filled or unfilled polymers, the
BIMS 2 training session will focus on the fundamental physics behind the phenomena involved in solid state mechanical performance, deformation and failure of polymers and their composites.
This will give the audience a holistic view of the behavior of thermoplastics and will allow them to deepen their knowledge in their preferred fields of interest through additional reading or courses.
The goal of the two day’s session is to make sure that all participants leave the course with a much better general knowledge of the field, which will help them to communicate with specialists, material scientists, mechanical designers or CAE experts attempting to predict plastic part performance.
Participants could be:

  • design or mechanical engineers working with plastics
  • molders interested in part performance
  • professionals interested in plastic part failure mechanisms
  • FEA specialists
  • project leaders involved in developing plastic parts
  • research engineers interested in polymer performance
  • material specialists or designers wishing to improve
  • their understanding of mechanical performance
  • students involved in the field of polymers
Save the dates: November 21 and 22, 2024
Face-to-face seminar in Ghent University.

We look forward to welcoming you and contributing to your development 😀

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