27 Jun 2023 20:00 - 21:00
in Digital | Time Zone CEST

Free webinar - Non-linear warp: Causes and solutions


Start of the event:
20:00 p.m. (MESZ Berlin)
02:00 p.m. (EDT, North Carolina)
01:00 a.m. (ICT, Bangkok)

In most structural analysis calculations, to quickly obtain the deformation of the structure due to external forces or temperature changes, we use linear structural analysis instead of the time-consuming iterative method. However, nonlinear structural analysis through the iterative method can consider the influence of displacement on the structure or external force, which cannot be achieved by linear structural analysis. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain nonlinear results.

Moldex3D supports a Nonlinear Warp analysis solver (large deformation), which provides users with the analysis of finite deformation and geometric nonlinearity (material nonlinearity considerations require other integration features). The figure below describes the differences between nonlinear and linear structural analysis. When there is a thin beam or thin-shell structure in the geometry, and when the deformation is large, it is usually recommended to apply nonlinear warping analysis.
In this webinar, we will get some brief idea of what nonlinear warp (large deformation in Moldex3D) is and how to set up a simulation for nonlinear structural analysis.

Webinar Highlight:
_ Introduction of nonlinear warp (large deformation)
_ Moldex3D large deformation features and benefits
_ Case study

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_ MS Teams Live Event
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