Moldex3D AEP

Thorough analytical verification and optimization of demanding and complex components including flexible extensions for process simulations and special procedures.

Market-leading software to simulate and optimize the injection molding process

With Moldex3D AEP you have the most innovative, comprehensive and technologically market-leading software package to simulate and optimize the injection molding process.
  • Market leadership

    Technologically leading software package to simulate and optimize the injection molding process, individually adaptable to the needs and requirements.

  • Complete integration

    Interactive interfaces for structural analysis, fully automatic meshing technology, comprehensive reporting.

  • Tailor-made

    Extensive and in-depth scope of application for analysis, optimization of molded part and tool constructions or even special manufacturing processes.

  • High-performance parallelization

    Full parallelization enables high-speed calculations

Always up-to-date and future oriented

Whether being designer or CAE-Expert the Moldex3D AEP package offers users a detailed virtual look into the component, tool and process. This allows all imaginable design variants, from thin-walled components to the most complex geometries with the most delicate elements, to be analyzed, evaluated and optimized. Interactive interfaces as well as automatic meshing algorithms facilitate component and tool development and enable the user to handle CAD data without extensive CAD experience. Sophisticated numerical algorithms make Moldex3D AEP a fast and efficient software tool.

Simulation results are calculated with the highest degree of accuracy. Thus, the designer has all detailed information about the component, tool and process properties long before the production starts. Product features and processes can be optimized, quality standards taken into account, development costs reduced and time to market is shortened.

The close cooperation with customers, research institutes and universities as well as the continuous integration of innovative development trends guarantee - Moldex3D AEP is always up-to-date and therefore the trend-setting and technologically market-leading software package.