Moldex3D eDesign plus

Complete injection simulation with automatic meshing technology

Optimization of product, tool design and process

With Moldex3D eDesign plus, technological issues surrounding the development, design and verification of components can be solved easily, quickly and efficiently. Holistic analysis modules enable the optimization of product, tool design and process along the entire process chain for the wide variety of injection molding components - thick or thin-walled, thermoplastics, duromers, elastomers, multicomponent systems and many more.
  • Fully automatic

    The fully automatic meshing saves tedious geometry processing and mesh processing.

  • Holistic

    Holistic analysis modules enable the verification and optimization of the product design.

  • Intelligence

    Intelligent assistants assist the user in the construction of gates, gating and tempering systems.

  • High Speed

    Full parallelization realizes high-speed calculations.

Detailed verification of manufacturability

A surface mesh can be generated automatically and is no longer time-consuming. With the help of intelligent wizards, the user can perform fast, simple and accurate filling analyzes, packing calculations, cooling simulations and warpage analyzes of the component. Not only detailed and precise results, such as statements regarding velocity, pressure and temperature distribution as well as the thermal behavior, distortion, stress and shrinkage behavior can be made but also results in respect to fiber orientation, deformation of the cavity of the curing process and the delay of reactive molding compounds, etc., which makes the identification and optimization of problem areas possible.