Additional measurement tools, non-linear solver and plastification
22. Sep 2022

Additional measurement tools, non-linear solver and plastification


The current version of Moldex3D has numerous enhancements which will facilitate the daily processes at work tremendously. Highlights include the implementation of various new advanced measurement tools to acquire timely physical information of points and planes with recently added probe and cross-section measurement tools, which allows to track core problems even when having complex product designs. Another interesting improvement available is the totally new non-linear warpage solver allowing to calculate effects like buckling. Those new results enable the user to analyze the root cause of the local deformation.

Besides the above-mentioned breakthroughs Moldex3D 2022 has another significant highlight in terms of machine response. Users can now take an in-depth look into the barrel. Hence, it is possible to simulate temperature and pressure changes within a new plastification analysis, which considers barrel and screw geometry and their movement to find optimal parameter setting and geometric structure design.

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