Additive Manufacturing according to CAD-Engineering-Standard
26. Jun 2024

Additive Manufacturing according to CAD-Engineering-Standard


Look no further when it comes to additive manufacturing according to CAD engineering standards! Take a closer look at the 4D_Additive Manufacturing software. The suite is the "universal solution" for additive manufacturing. Unnecessary iterations and failed attempts are successfully avoided, guaranteeing a cost-effective end product.

The robust B-Rep geometry core of the 4D_Additive Manufacturing Software Suite enables users to inspect, repair and prepare models to CAD engineering standards. With conventional 3D printing tools, CAD models are triangulated as soon as they are read in and thus converted into an approximate, imprecise STL description, which means that further operations, e.g. repair, result in significant shape deviations.
4D_Additive, on the other hand, enables the check, repair and handling of the exact, original B-Rep data according to VDA 4755/2 standard and thus for the first time a continuous additive manufacturing process that is in line with CAD Engineering Standard.
Sophisticated checking and healing functions analyze the CAD models and automatically eliminate gaps, overlaps, mini-elements, twisted faces and other types of errors. Errors that are not automatically correctable, e.g. Knife edges, are displayed clearly and can be corrected within seconds by means of easy-to-use clean-up and modeling functions. 4D_Additive ensures the production of precise quality models.

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