Advantages using Linux for your calculations
23. Feb 2022

Advantages using Linux for your calculations


Do you have access at your workplace to a computer with Linux operating system which still has free capacities? Use the advantages of Linux equipped computers for the calculation of your Moldex3D simulations. Why? More details will be revealed in our article …

The Linux operating system is suitable to calculate Moldex3D jobs. Amongst others, it is favorable for its high performance, high security, high stability and reliability. However, many people associate the thought of Linux with a number of prejudices: The system is thought to be complicated, its handling to be so much different from Windows and that complicated commands are necessary for the execution of programs or functions as well as that a third-party software for job scheduler is required for the calculation of projects – to name but a few. 

Even though Linux is not suitable to prepare or to evaluate the simulations made with Moldex3D but to calculate the jobs many of the above-mentioned prejudices are totally unjustified and can be nullified: The operation is simple and Linux users can both use third-party software for the job scheduler or, as of Moldex3D 2021, conveniently send jobs to the Linux machine via the Moldex3D Computing Manager. This can be done without having to use complicated commands. And – just like on Windows computers – simulations can be sent and downloaded using Linux. Overall no detailed Linux knowledge is required.

Thus, the Moldex3D Computing Manager provides a seamless interface to be able to communicate between the Linux computing resources and the Windows system and therefore, allowing users to maintain the current workflow to easily submit jobs to the Linux system and save a lot of time.

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