Calculate stability failure with Moldex3D
02. Nov 2022

Calculate stability failure with Moldex3D


Injection molded parts with large, thin-walled and unstiffened surfaces can buckle abruptly when cooled down to room temperature. This is a so-called stability failure. Moldex3D offers the possibility to predict this behavior.

When subjected to compressive loads, structures with large, thin-walled and unstiffened surfaces are liable to stability failure - also called buckling in two-dimensional structures. This involves a sudden change in shape (typically the formation of bulges) when a critical load level is reached. In the case of pointed castings, which are sensitive to stability failure due to their geometry, this can occur even without any external loads, simply due to the buildup of compressive stresses caused by the cooling process after ejection. This effect can lead to considerable deviations from the desired geometry. Since version 2021, the possibility exists in Moldex3D to perform a linear stability analysis (buckling analysis). This method can be used to estimate the probability of a stability failure and to identify the areas of a component that are susceptible to buckling. Since version 2022, buckling analysis is an optional part of the new non-linear warpage solver, which allows the calculation of geometry-related non-linearities under linear elastic material behavior.

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