Clever multi-component injection molding - Moldex3D Bi-Injection
24. Nov 2021

Clever multi-component injection molding - Moldex3D Bi-Injection


The bi-injection process is generally used for two-colored plastics such as car lamps, mobile castings or toothbrushes. The module illustrates a version of the multi-component injection molding where two different plastic components are simultaneously inserted into a mold. The Moldex3D module allows an independent definition for the fill and packing pressure parameters for both materials. The filling behavior, the melt flow and the distribution of the melt front can be shown and the location of weld lines predicted.

Advantages of the Bi-Injection module:
_ Visualize the melt front behaviors from two melt entrances
_ Predict the potential locations of welding lines
_ Trace the flow orientation of polymer particles
_ Demonstrate the flow rate variation from two melt entrances
_ Support parallel processing to speed up the simulation process

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