Composite Seminar on June 20, 2023!
10. May 2023

Composite Seminar on June 20, 2023!

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The idea of reinforcing polymers with fillers has been pursued since the early days of polymer technology and has led to the creation of a wide range of fiber-reinforced materials. Among these, in terms of production volume and relevance, plastics reinforced with "short" fibers in the microscopic range are the most significant category. Recently, however, a new category has been gaining in importance - so-called thermoplastic composites, where the range of reinforcing fibers extends into the macroscopic range.
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Given the complementary background and wide experience of the two speakers, we have developed a very balanced course that addresses both the scientific aspects (micromechanics, failure mechanisms, physics of joining/welding/overmolding) as well as the technological and market aspects (material processing, equipment, applications, current market situation and foreseeable trends).

The seminar will build on the principles of classical fiber reinforcement theory - highlighting the key roles of fiber type, length and interfacial interaction - to introduce thermoplastic composites as a new class of materials with remarkable performance. It will address the various semi-finished product forms available on the market, will emphasize the influence of reinforcement architecture on the material properties, and will introduce the design, processing and recycling possibilities brought along by this class of materials. A strong focus will be put on the hybridization possibilities between thermoplastic composites and more conventional reinforced plastics, such as the overmolding of composite inserts with short fiber compounds, thus offering insights into options for a cost-effective use of these materials. Fundamental principles of thermoplastic polymer re-entanglement at interfaces (joining, hot plate or similar welding, overmolding) will be examined thoroughly from the rheological and mechanical healing perspective. The introduced principles will be supported by application examples and use cases across industries.

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Thermoplastic Composite Seminar on June 20, 2023 in Mannheim

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This course is intended for a wide audience of technicians, engineers, scientists and managers eager to discover the thriving field of Thermoplastic Composites within the broader context of fiber-reinforced plastics. Participants will discover the specific technical attributes of this relatively new class of materials and their associated processes and application areas. The mix of in-depth scientific content and very broad coverage of applications and markets creates a unique, hybrid, training experience where every participant should find useful and relevant material and have the opportunity to develop additional expertise.

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