Elastomeric materials in FE analysis
10. Nov 2022

Elastomeric materials in FE analysis


In the field of seals and flexible applications, elastomers are an indispensable part of today's products. In the area of structural-mechanical behavior, these materials represent a special feature on the part of the material behavior as well as in the simulation.

Additionally, to the classic thermoplastic materials, elastomer materials are used in a wide range of products and applications. In the recent past, the new material combination of thermoplastic elastomers - TPE - has also come into existence. These combine the advantages of both materials, so that, for example, structural components have a comfortable haptic - soft touch.
The classic elastomers are mainly used in the field of seals or dampers. With reference to the injection molding process, LSR materials are used. Elastomers differ from other plastics in terms of their material behavior, so that very large elongations are present along with significantly lower stiffness. The material description cannot be based on the classic Hook's law, but on hyperelastic material laws. Here, some constitutive material laws are available in the structural mechanics software tools with their respective mathematical or practical approaches. The allowable large strains can be a challenge for the solver used. A highly nonlinear behavior has to be calculated, which is reflected in the element distortions as well as element strains.
In many practical applications related to the manufacturing process, attention is paid to the demoldability of components from the mold. Structural mechanics analysis can be used to identify and localize problems, critical areas and finally the overall component behavior. Subsequent remedial measures and optimizations with regard to the entire process and application chain can be developed and implemented more efficiently.
Hexagon's Marc solver plays an essential role in this process - also for historical reasons.
The Marc solver has its origins in elastomer calculation and therefore has a focus on nonlinear behavior and the handling of large strains. Due to these priorities in the elastomer area as well as in the environment of plastics / composites, this solver is perfectly suited for this kind of applications.

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