Examine the potentials of your hot runner system
18. Aug 2022

Examine the potentials of your hot runner system


You need a detailed analysis of the hot runner system? The Moldex3D special module Advanced Hotrunner (AHR) makes this possible.

There are various approaches for modeling hot runner systems in Moldex3D. Using the gate wizards, simple hot runner nozzles and manifold systems can be modeled via center lines. Needles can be taken into account via ring-shaped cross-sections. The assignment of nozzle control IDs makes it possible to control the individual nozzles in terms of time. Complex nozzle geometries can be imported as 3D bodies. The heat transfer coefficient in the process parameters can be used to control the heat transfer to the environment.
In order to obtain a more detailed view of this heat transfer the Advanced Hotrunner module can be used. This module considers all components of the hot runner system in the simulation model and the contact surfaces to the surrounding mold block are defined via boundary conditions. From the simulation results the temperature entry into the mold as well as the temperature distribution in the entire hot runner system can be analyzed.

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