Fibers 'back or worth'?! - Moldex3D predicts the orientationšŸ˜Š
23. Nov 2022

Fibers 'back or worth'?! - Moldex3D predicts the orientationšŸ˜Š


The prediction of fiber orientation in Moldex3D has been extensively enhanced to achieve even more accurate and reliable simulation results for fiber reinforced plastics. Extensive and detailed fiber analyses help to achieve an optimal component even before the manufacturing process ...

Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) are known for their superior mechanical properties, such as high strength to weight ratio, high toughness to anticorrosion, and high creep resistance. On the other hand, maintaining crucial factors, such as fiber orientation, fiber length, and fiber concentration is the key to successfully leverage FRP. The new version of Moldex3D enables to accurately predict those factors and get comprehensive fiber analysis to ensure the final product performance prior to the manufacturing process.

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