International SimpaTec Usermeeting 2024 – Anniversary edition 😉
29. Nov 2023

International SimpaTec Usermeeting 2024 – Anniversary edition 😉

Save the date - April 16 and 17, 2024, Alsace, France
We cordially invite our users to a very special edition of our traditional usermeeting next April. Firstly, we invite you to our bianual International SimpaTec User Meeting and secondly, there is a special festivity - SimpaTec celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2024 🎉. The conference language is English. The event will take place in the most beautiful Alsace. You can't afford to miss it. Register now ...

The personal contact with you has played an extremely important role for us since the launch of the company and it still does. Cristoph Hinse, Managing Director of SimpaTec, gets to the heart of it: Our greatest asset is a precise communication with you, our customers. We turn knowledge into understanding. Understanding results into change. We bring digitization and people together. . " Our goal is to motivate our customers to face challenges, overcome obstacles and conquer new horizons. Our annual user meetings are an important tool for this, as a precise, well-founded and sustainable knowledge transfer and communication platform for our clientele.

Traditionally, we comply to the entire range of CAx products of our portfolio. Of course, the main focus of the two-day event will once more be set on latest news, future developments and practice-oriented technical contributions applying to Moldex3D. But naturally, users of Hexagon tools (Digimat, Marc.Mentat ...) and 3D_Evolution | 3D_Analyzer | 4D_Additives are also cordially invited to get up to date in separate subject-related presentations, workshops and discussion sessions. An enrichment of the concept: plenty of room for knowledge exchange and discussions is guaranteed. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring yourself up to date and to celebrate our 20th anniversary with us.

'Think outside the box' - Call for presentations
The International User Meeting will focus on facts relating to the latest topics of economical, resource-saving and future-oriented "holistic product development" in the plastics industry.  In order to shed more light on the facts surrounding the topic of economical, resource-saving and future-oriented "component and tool design" in the plastics industry, we especially invite you, the experts in applying our software tools, to share your challenges, experiences, successes on these topics. Give us an insight into your practical experience. Show us
your application examples, case studies or let us share your view of things. As a special thank you one day of attendance will be free of charge. Deadline for submitting presentations is February 29, 2024. Presentations can be submitted until February 29, 2024.

SimpaTec is extremely pleased to again be able to offer selected technical partners exclusive exhibitor opportunities at the International SimpaTec User Meeting on April 16 and 17, 2024.
Take the opportunity to present your company, latest products and developments to a high-class expert audience. Representative exhibition areas are available in the close proximity to the catering area for participants. The number of participating sponsors is limited.
Registration details and further information can be found here.

Don't miss the opportunity to get update yourself with the latest knowledge and celebrate our 20th anniversary with us. Register now and secure your early bird discount!!!

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