It's getting bio – at FAKUMA!
29. Sep 2021

It's getting bio – at FAKUMA!

Fakuma A5-5003 - Be sure to stop by!
Naturally, we are also facing and living up to the issues of recent times. Temporarily superseded the by corona effects, but nevertheless more present than ever, the question of environmentally friendly, sustainable product development and a prudent, future-oriented use of resources arises. The plastics industry in particular is strongly influenced by these contemporary demands, and the use of conventional plastic products is increasingly under observation. Drop by at our booth A5-5003 at Fakuma (October 12-16, 2021, Messe Friedrichshafen) to see how SimpaTec faces these challenges, making its contribution to sustainability, environmental protection, recycling and circular economy.

We are at the puls of time for you!
Topics such as product efficiency, the conscious use of resources, but also the awareness that plastics are indispensable to achieve the climate targets we have set ourselves, do not leave us unaffected. Of course not. So, we were quick to get involved when it came to supporting the product development of a BIO-cutlery made from 100% industrially compostable plastic. Find out more at our Fakuma booth (hall A5, booth A5-5003) how exactly this project came to life and which partners are involved! See for yourself whether the finished product is a real alternative to classic disposable cutlery 😉! The properties of organic cutlery will surely convince you - high strength and stability, hardly unbreakable, no embrittlement, made of 100% bio-based plastic, 100% industrially compostable, disintegrates without residue, dishwasher safe and reusable ... we are also happy to assist you with your project in word and deed, whether with customer-oriented consulting services, with the precise, future-oriented combination of high-quality simulation tools, the selection of the right material, the appropriate hardware, the compilation of an individually tailored training concept for sir or your employees - we are there for you and accompany you on your way to the optimal product, tool and process.

Move forward with us. Visit us at Fakuma in hall A5, booth A5-5003.
We look forward to meeting you and your project.

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