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29. Mar 2023

Knowledge - pure and without advertising!

In-depth understanding of injection molding processes - Register now!
Mold designers and engineers pay attention, here comes the opportunity to get to the bottom of things. Recognize and understand where weaknesses and strengths of the process lie, which materials are suitable for which application, which interactions of phenomenon take place during injection molding, which methods are effective in your daily work in our BIMS 1 Seminar - Understanding the Injection Molding Process of Thermoplastics on May 23 and 24, 2023. Develop a deep understanding of your process - completely independent of your scientific background knowledge. Join now!!

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The aim of the seminar is to provide all participants an in-depth understanding of the processes in polymer physics, regardless of their scientific background knowledge. The focus is set on providing a successful path to obtain an optimal component design.

The idea of BIMS training sessions is to transfer basic knowledge of plastics and processing technology to professionals to enable them to:
_ develop better part design skills
_ mprove the dialog between parties (part designer, molder, mold maker, …)
_ design more efficient tools
_ optimize the molding process for an existing tool
_ provide interpretation keys to Flow Analysts
_  help select the right material
_ troubleshooting part or mold problems

Target audience:
_ Engineers who design tools
_ mold manufacturers
_ injection molders
_ Project managers who are responsible for the development of molds
_ R/E engineers who are interested in injection molding
_ Technical engineers interested in the weaknesses and strengths of the process
_ materials engineers or designers who would like to deepen their knowledge of suitable materials
_ young engineers with some professional experience ...

The 2-days BIMS 1 Seminar contains:
_  basic polymer thermal and rheological behaviour
_ effect of pressure on polymer properties
_ the flow process in injection molding
_ part geometry and flow pattern
_ compressibility, phase change and PVT data
_ what is crystallinity and how does it affect processing?
_ the packing phase: key to the dimensional quality of the part
_ effective part, mould and process design for proper cavity packing
_ understanding the shrinkage build-up
_ part warpage mechanisms: designing for minimum warpage, according to material
properties and part shape
_ warpage: the special case of fibre filled materials
_ the concept of residual stresses: the compromise with warpage
_ final conclusions and wrap-up - seminar evaluation by the participant

Register now for the seminar
__ BIMS 1 - Understanding the injection molding process of thermoplastics, 23.+24.05.2023
or if you want to go even more in depth:
__ BIMS 2 - Understanding the mechanical properties of thermoplastics, 25.+26.05.2023.

You should definately take this chance!
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