Moving line ends
08. Mar 2023

Moving line ends


You have created a cooling system or gating system in Moldex3D which is based on lines and for example would like to change the position of a line end afterwards? Use commands in Moldex3D Studio when modeling cooling channels, gating systems and line-based bodies in order to adjust them afterwards.

The advantages of line-based gating and cooling systems include the possibilities of flexible modeling and easy adaptation of the geometries in Moldex3D without additional CAD software. Numerous tools are available in the Moldex3D Studio interface to create and modify line-based bodies. In addition, "hidden" functions can be called via the command line, which make pre-processing even easier:

The command "crveditend", for example, allows you to move one line end while the other line end remains fixed. If a geometry has already been created based on the line, the geometry settings such as the diameters are also retained. This means that small geometry adjustments in the cooling system or gating system can be implemented in no time at all without having to recreate the duct sections and repeat the settings again. Useful functions such as these help in everyday life, especially when modeling customized designs, to implement optimization changes more quickly and to create the simulation model more efficiently.

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