New Promising Cooperation with  e-Xstream engineering
22. Feb 2018

New Promising Cooperation with e-Xstream engineering

SimpaTec is delighted to announce its close cooperation with e-Xstream engineering, a software and engineering services company which focuses on state-of-the-art multi-scale modeling of complex multi-phase composites materials and structures. Consequent decision for Cooperation Upholding the motto "Break the limits" - a corporate slogan and, above all, an invitation to everyone to wake up, to think beyond ones borders and to conquer new horizons - SimpaTec is proud to have been chosen to sell and support Digimat, alongside e-Xstream and its existing partners in the German and French speaking market. "The attentive views about the requirements of those markets are absolutely important to us. We are extremely anxious to see which limits we can positively influence in those areas”, confirms Cristoph Hinse, Managing Director of SimpaTec GmbH, with a wink. "We like to be close to all relevant market topics and we are sure to be able to intensify and qualify our activities enormously in the relevant market sectors."

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