No idea what BIMS 2 is?
01. Feb 2022

No idea what BIMS 2 is?

Then find out!
The presenter and creator of the BIMS seminar series, Dr. Vito Leo, plasticsYou, will give a brief insight into the topics of his BIMS 2 seminar in an exclusive webinar on Friday, February 4, 2022, 3:00 pm. >>> Addressed are engineers designing molds, mold manufacturers, injection molders, project managers responsible for the development of molds, R/E engineers interested in injection molding, technical engineers interested in the weaknesses and strengths of the process, material engineers, designers who want to deepen their knowledge of suitable materials ...

Action & Go!
The focus of the BIMS 2 seminar lies on the complex mechanical performance of plastics in order to introduce the key behavior of these unique materials (visco-elasticity, non-linearity, creep, impact, failure mechanisms).

Dr. Vito Leo explains the interrelationships and mechanisms of the most complex, physical processes of thermal processes for everyone understandably using simple words and a minimum of mathematics. Satisfied and enthusiastic participants confirm again and again how valuable the acquired knowledge and conveyed contents are for their daily work. Further information about BIMS 2 can be found here.

For all those who are convinced of BIMS 2 even without further details or an introductory webinar, you are more than welcome to register directly for the next face-to-face seminar BIMS 2 - Understanding the mechanical properties of thermoplastics on May 5 and 6, 2022 in Bamberg.

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