Not only ‘elves’ facilitate your daily work processes ...!
02. Mar 2022

Not only ‘elves’ facilitate your daily work processes ...!


The current version of Moldex3D offers numerous improvements that enormously facilitate daily workflows. The highlights also include new functions for creating and modifying CAD data. For example, even more efficient and flexible model preparation in Moldex3D Studio enables users to make repairs and modifications without having to use additional CAD software. Variant comparisons of different component or sprue designs are thus created in Moldex3D in no time at all.
Another interesting optional feature available, is the new calculation method for shrinkage calculation to predict even more realistic results. Furthermore, improvements in add-on modules such as DOE and extrusion are offered in terms of modeling and evaluation to gain additional insights from simulations.

Long-time users know the viewer file from the former Moldex3D interface. Now the successor of the compact RSV file is available to share simulation results quickly and easily with your colleagues or customers. For example, an individual selection can be made in order to decide which simulation results are to be exported and exchanged.

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