Olaf - our little bear heading on a big trip!
17. Nov 2021

Olaf - our little bear heading on a big trip!

Olaf is up and away!
It is cold, rainy and stormy outside. Olaf was faced with a decision - do I now look for warm, weatherproof clothing or do I look for warmer places ...? And then the opportunity came. Paula had been wanting to take on a special challenge for a long time to take on new adventures. She immediately agreed to accompany a skipper on his winter sailboat trip towards the South Sea. The crew was quickly put together and Olaf was on board.

Action! Cast off!
However, he was not allowed to pack very much only what Paula takes aboard has to be enough for the both of them. But the backpack looked reassuringly big, says Olaf. They hoped into the plane and were off to Lanzarote. His new home for the next few weeks is called Carlotta and is lying in the harbor. Here the crew has the chance to get to know each other and the sailing route can be discussed in detail. However, Olaf has already noticed that the Spanish clocks somehow ticks differently to those in Germany. The people here are much more relaxed and take their time to do things steadily. Carlotta will undergo a complete check-up and is going to be lifted out of the water with a crane. Even though the trip hasn't really started yet, Olaf is already very excited. He is learning a lot about the boat, what needs to be planned and payed attention to - AND - that you always have to adjust to new situations.
He gets to know many new people, including those who have already sailed across the Atlantic or are planning to do so - somehow a whole different world!!! But most of all, Olaf enjoys having time to just let things take their course, to be open to new impressions - AND - the warm temperatures. When Carlotta's check-ups are completed, she will be heading out to the sea for a while, initially only between the Canary Islands. Until the wind take a good course towards Cape Verde and the weather fits the time frame - for Olaf's to depart on his great adventure sailing trip across the Atlantic.

Have a good trip Olaf and may there always be a hand’s width of water beneath the bottom of the ship!
Go for it - Break your limits.

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