Particle tracing
15. May 2024

Particle tracing


Coordinated interaction between analysis and evaluation options resulting from process simulation plays a key role in ensuring the desired product quality. The results of particle tracing can provide valuable support.

The function enables users to visualize the filling behaviour of polymer particles in the cavity. This function is called “Particle Tracer”, which is performed by the Fill/Pack Solver and whose analysis result is only available in the Flow Result. The Particle Tracer can display the flow length, velocity, pressure, temperature or elapsed time on the particles, providing deep insights into the filling behavior of the particles to better predict potential problems caused by the filling behavior.

Flow length
This result shows the distance that each particle travels from the melt inlet.

Total velocity
This result shows the magnitude of the velocity of each particle.

This result shows the pressure of each particle.

This result shows the temperature of each particle.

Elapsed time
This result shows the time that a particle has remained in the cavity since it was released at the melt inlet.

After the fill/pack analysis, the results of the particle tracer are available and the user can choose whether to display the results as points or as lines. Melt fronts can also be displayed at the same time.
Two variants of particle tracing are available in Moldex3D:
_ Particle tracking from melt entry/cut
_ Weld line particle tracking

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