Raod show - 'A LOT can - but only a LITTLE needs to'
13. Oct 2023

Raod show - 'A LOT can - but only a LITTLE needs to'

Create understanding from knowledge!

Rethinking tradional ways and potentials
More present than ever the question of environmentally friendly, sustainable product development and a cautious, future-oriented use of resources arises. The plastics industry in particular is strongly influenced by these contemporary demands and the use of conventional plastic products is increasingly under observation.

Topics such as product efficiency, the conscious use of resources, but also the awareness that plastics are indispensable to achieve the climate targets, determine the plastic industry substantial.

Solutions and technologies that lead to an optimal product and process.
_ Wizards in pre- and post-processing
_ Plastics and properties
_ Coupling of process properties and structural mechanics
_ Material databases
_ Injection molding machine and simulation
_ Knowledge management and databases

We are more than happy to bring you up-to-date
Learn about the latest content, tips and tricks regarding topics dealing evolving around simulation and optimization of plastic components. Convince yourself how the use of high-quality simulation and and technologies make the path to product and process optimization as short, sustainable and efficient as possible.

In each event available from 09:30 - 14:30:
06. November 2023 in Lüdenscheid 
07. November 2023 in Horb am Necker
08. November 2023 in Würzburg
09. November 2023 in Leipzig

Registration fee:
free of charge

For their kind support we express our thanks to:
Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid 
SKZ Würzburg Horb am Necker
KUZ Leipzig

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