Realistic mapping of mechanical processes
18. Jan 2023

Realistic mapping of mechanical processes


Marc is a powerful, general-purpose, implicit non-linear finite element analysis (FEA) software program that accurately simulates static, dynamic and coupled physics problems for a wide range of design and manufacturing applications. Unlike linear FEA methods that rely upon simplifying assumptions, Marc enables you to emulate the complex nature of real-world behavior and mechanical processes to ensure highest design confidence and product performance under realistic environments and operating conditions. Recognized as the world’s first commercial nonlinear FEA software, Marc delivers innovative, easy-to-use and robust solutions that are well-suited to analyze the structural integrity and performance of parts experiencing geometric, material, and/or boundary non-linearities.

_ Advanced nonlinear materials
_ Industry proven contact to accurately simulate product performance and manufacturing
_ Coupled solutions of nonlinear structural, thermal, electromagnetics.
_ Advanced heat transfer analysis capabilities
_ Special purpose material models including Shape Memory Alloy and Solder models
_ Comprehensive connector and fastener models to simulate commonly found connections
_ State-of-the-art iterative solvers and parallel processing on shared and distributed memory machines
_ Automated remeshing and adaptive meshing to increase solution robustness and accuracy
_ Motion and suspension analysis powered by Adams
_ Advanced damage and fatigue analysis of metals and composite structures
_ Predict crack initiation and propagation under realistic load conditions

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