Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
12. Jun 2024

Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)


Permeability, porosity, fiber mats, resin injection - keywords that are of crucial importance when it comes to the RTM process. This process can be simulated with Moldex3D.

The RTM module enables the simulation of the resin transfer molding process in Moldex3D. The structure of the simulation model differs significantly from conventional injection molding. Depending on the layers and the orientation of the fiber mats, the 3D mesh must be divided into different areas for the simulation. One can assign the properties permeability and porosity to these areas, which influence the material flow of the resin and the penetration of the fiber mats. The permeability and porosity depend on the fiber layer within a fiber mat and must be determined for the fiber mats used in material tests. In order to perform a simulation process with Moldex3D special material files for the fiber mats are required (Ply) and special meshing is needed, which can also be created completely within Moldex3D Studio from version Moldex3D 2024 onwards. Previously, meshing had to be carried out with the RTM wizard in Rhino. Void prediction is also a new feature in Moldex3D 2024.

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