SIMULATION even closer to REALITY!
03. Nov 2021

SIMULATION even closer to REALITY!


The gap between the physical and the virtual world is steadily and continuously closing. The latest version of Moldex3D paves the way for even more comprehensive and realistic simulations in the injection molding sector. The sophisticated user interface and the unified simulation workflow allow users to gain deeper insights into product performance a lot faster and thus accelerating the decision-making process.

Moldex3D 2021 integrates physical injection molding into the virtual world using enhanced skills that perfectly capture the most important and crucial information from the physical world. The software allows users to consider the dynamic machine response of an injection molding machine to ensure that the optimized processing conditions obtained from the analysis can be directly applied on the shop floor, bridging the gap between simulation and manufacturing. Additionally, to machine characteristics, Moldex3D’s barrel compression functionality provides a more realistic prediction of material behaviors by simulating the actual compression behavior of melts inside the barrel and the nozzle, which empowers engineers to consider the effect of material compressibility when injecting into the cavity, generating a more accurate injection pressure prediction.

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