Special warpage calculations in Moldex3D
11. Jan 2023

Special warpage calculations in Moldex3D


Are you interested in warpage calculations with Moldex3D that go beyond calculations with standard settings? In today's article you will find out what possibilities there are and how you can successfully master and implement the challenges ...

In the standard warpage calculation in Moldex3D, it has been considered that the materials of the parts are elastic and strains are small. These assumptions in one hand speed up the warpage calculations and in the other hand are accurate enough for most of the cases. However, for example, in cases that the part is subjected to a rapid cooling, the standard model overpredicts the warpage. To tackle this problem Moldex3D has an enhanced warpage calculation option, in which the structure Visco-elasticity (VE) of the material is included in the calculation. To activate this option in Moldex3D studio, open the Computation window, select the Warp tab, and choose the Enhanced Solver (See the image above).
In order to be able to use this possibility, a Viscoelastic license needs to be included in the license package.

Besides, it should be noted that structural VE and viscoelasticity parameters of the materials in Moldex3D are “generic” and they have not been determined for a specific material. Therefore, for an accurate warpage simulation, these parameters should be determined and we are more than happy to assist you.

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