Update Trainings Moldex3D 2022
17. Aug 2022

Update Trainings Moldex3D 2022

Being up-to-date! The current version Moldex3D 2022 has a lot of new technical developments, extended functionalities and substantial improvements regarding its handling. TAKE A LOOK and REGISTER ...

The aim of the update training is to convey all necessary contents, skills and functionalities in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for the own daily use of the software package.

Some of the new highlights in Moldex3D 2022?

Studio, Solver, Pre- & Postprocessor:
_ Automatic, customized report generation
_ Advanced measurement tools
_ Faster calculation times
_ New API functionalities
_ More accurate simulation results
_ Improved simulation capabilities
_ New and improved CAD tools
_ Smooth networking workflow

Digital Twin:
_ Material charackterization
_ Machine response

Simulation capabilities:
_ Improved warpage solver
_ More precise simulation of fiber orientation
_ New functionalities regarding composites

Database & Usability:
_ Intelligent manufacturing
_ Increased amount of numerous materials and machines
_ Improved usability.

Here you can secure a place in one of our detailed Moldex3D 2022 update training courses (in German):
_ September 01, 2022, Reutlingen
_ September 21, 2022, Linz
_ September 21, 2022 (Online)
_ September 29, 2022, Reutlingen

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