3D_Evolution – more than just a CAD converter!
19. Jan 2022

3D_Evolution – more than just a CAD converter!


Dive into 3D_Evolution and take a closer look – it’s worth while!! A tool, which not only allows fast, automatic data conversion and processing for CAD systems but at the same time also enables the integration with other simulation systems, e.g. Moldex3D …

The 3D_Evolution software suite offers interfaces for all major formats. The CAD Conversion Engine makes you independent and provides access to native data without a license of the CAD system. The system has been designed especially for CAD conversion and the precise geometry kernel guarantees the possible results even when large amounts of data and extremely complex geometry is converted. Automatic Healing functions correct inaccuracies and errors in order to ensure highest model qualityAdditonally, easy to use advanced repair functions ensure a fast and uncomplicated repair of typical errors on complex 3D geometries.

Furthermore, the 3D_Evolution conversion engine combines numerous interfaces and an easy to use graphical user interface as well as a batch mode with script language to automate your CAD conversion and enables seamless process integration. Through the outstanding flexibility and scalability 3D_Evolution is ready to be implemented in any system environment within shortest space of time. The system provides mature native interfaces that do not require any licenses to read and write CAD Data.

The time-saving CAD conversion of 3D models is the most important requirement for a successful integration of all development teams and partners. 3D_Evolution © creates a continuous process chain of 3D data for design, engineering, FEA, CAM and digital factory.

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