Well deserved retirement - Mr. Olivier BERTHONNEAU
24. Jan 2022

Well deserved retirement - Mr. Olivier BERTHONNEAU

December 2021 did not only mean the end of another calendrical year but it also was a meaningful date for Mr. Olivier BERTHONNEAU, previous CEO from Elirro, who decided to say goodbye to his long-term successful professional career, which he enjoyed so much throughout the years.
Following the takeover of the Elirro company, Mr. BERTHONNEAU joined SimpaTec.
Thanks to his experience and his ability to share his knowledge the team's mold vision evolved.

On December 31, 2021, he quietly closed a chapter of his life – and what a chapter it was:
_ the different companies in which he worked,
_ the foundation and the success of his own firm and structure
_ and finally, the resale of his company to ensure a reliable continuity for all his customers.

Known in the world of plastics processing for his experience and his help at any time, Mr. BETHONNEAU was a true professional example of how to take on challenges and master them.
Even in this complicated period of time, due to the Corona constraints, we wanted to thank him by offering and sharing a last present.

Unfortunately, the entire SimpaTec team wasn’t able to be present at this special occasion but the entire crew wishes him a wonderful retirement, lots of fun and good times to come. All are certain he will not be bored.
Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy.

The whole SimpaTec team

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