50 min 'BIMS Course' for free!!
11. Jan 2023

50 min 'BIMS Course' for free!!

Chapter 11 - Understanding the origin of differential cooling warpage: Thermoelasticity vs. Viscoelasticity

Have you heard of our BIMS Seminars but you still have open questions?! Then this is an ideal opportunity to virtually join our referent Dr. Vito Leo, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the plastics industry, in his video. He will take you through a short course (approx. 50 min) explaining the various aspects of differential cooling as a driving force for warpage. Find out more about the difference between thermoelastic and viscoelastic contributions for filled or unfilled grades.

The general intention of the BIMS Seminars is to help professionals of injection molding, whatever their scientific background, to develop a much deeper understanding of the polymer physics behind the process.

For a limited period of time this ‘BIMS Course' is free of charge – so there is no time to lose - cease the opportunity to sign up now using the following link and enjoy the course/video at a time most suited to you.
BIMS 1 Course 11

For more or other detailed information please feel free to contact us at: info@plasticsyou.com

Broaden your horizon!
We look forward to you participation!

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