Not only poker face - the deck of cards also needs to be right!
18. Jan 2023

Not only poker face - the deck of cards also needs to be right!


Poker, Skat, Doppelkopf - besides strategically good decisions and keeping a clear head, the deck of cards is also a decisive factor for a successful game. When it comes to process simulation this is no different. Obviously, the poker face lapses (depending on the colleague 😉), but even the best injection molding simulation knowledge is of no use when having a bad deck of cards. Moldex3D's material database offers a large selection of material cards that can be the winning factor for the game.

A high-quality material card is essential for a successful calculation. The material card contains information regarding thermal and mechanical properties of the material including any fillers, viscoelasticity, viscosity dependence, pvT and crystallinity behavior, etc.. All this data is collected by measurements and compared with different material models. Thus, the measured material behavior can be represented by individual models. For example, the Herschel-Bulkley-Cross Model can be used for the course of viscosity, the Tait Model can provide solutions for pvT behavior or the Nakamura Model can be used to describe crystallinity behavior. Many other models, suitable depending on the material and application, are available for material description. The quality of the measurement data and the correct description of these using the appropriate models is of great importance for a "winning deck of cards".

Why? The calculations in the process simulation are carried out on the basis of all this information. The ‘card deck’ is therefore a key to success!
If the material card that you are looking for is not available in the Moldex3D "card deck", a suitable material card can be created by conducting a material measurement which can then be independently loaded into the respective simulation project.
This is how you obtain the best ‘poker hand’ amongst the material cards.

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