Correct and accurate material data for reliable analyses
15. Feb 2023

Correct and accurate material data for reliable analyses


Use our material characterization service and get correct and accurate material data for reliable CAE analyses. Are you especially interested in a characterization particularly for LSR? Then benefit from our individual offers for exactly these materials ...

Moldex3D is the software solution for the design and optimization of injection molding processes and also enables you to help build up your own cost-effective proprietary material database for internal use. Precise and accurate material data are absolutely necessary to create compelling CAE analyses.

In Moldex3D's own materials laboratory, specially developed measuring machines are available in addition to standard measuring equipment. This allows the complete characterization of thermoplastics and thermosets. Amongst other things, shear viscosity, pvT, thermal conductivity, heat capacity, mechanical properties, curing kinetics, pvTc and other rheological parameters are measured.

Make you decision now for a material determination!

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