Efficient 'COOLING' with 3D coolant CFD
24. Jan 2024

Efficient 'COOLING' with 3D coolant CFD


Conformal cooling is becoming more and more widespread, but is the design always optimal? How can the use of conformal cooling be validated in advance? Is the use of this technology worthwhile? What advantages does such a system deliver? Learn more about the Moldex3D cooling channel designer in our article ...

In the past few decades, several novel injection molding techniques have been developed in pursuit of better quality and cost savings. Cooling is the most dominant stage in injection molding in terms of quality and cycle time. Therefore, how to design an efficient cooling system is always critical. Among various cooling solutions, conformal cooling has gained importance due to proven success in cost and cooling time reduction.
In Moldex3D, the flow behavior of the temperature control medium can be mapped completely three-dimensionally within the simulation and coupled to the process simulation. Temperature distributions and pressure losses as well as local flow velocities are available for the evaluation of the temperature control.

Features and advantages of the 3D coolant CFD:
_ Accurately predict the cooling efficiency with vary and conformal cooling channel design.
_ 3D-Visualize the physical properties inner cooling channels.
_ Reduce cycle time and saving cost.
_ Predict temperature within part, runner, cooling channels, inserts, etc.
_ Evaluate the efficiency of cooling system design, including cooling circuits, inserts, mold base, heating rod, etc.
_ Minimize unbalanced cooling problem, and determine the required cooling cycle time.
_ Optimize mold cooling system design to achieve optimum cooling efficiency with the minimum cycle time.
_ Simulate multi-component molding process, including insert molding and multi-shot sequential molding (Moldex3D MCM module is required).

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