'FAST AS LIGHTNING' with the auto mesh technology!!!
28. Sep 2022

'FAST AS LIGHTNING' with the auto mesh technology!!!


IC Packaging enables complete and comprehensive analysis, verification and optimization of the microchip encapsulation process. Moldex3D's 3D solver analyzes the filling, curing, warpage and deformations of the wires through the encapsulation process as well as the deformation of the paddles due to interaction with the melt. In addition, air pockets and weld lines can be easily visualized. Since Moldex3D 2022 there is the possibility to make the modeling much faster and more efficient.

Plastic Chip Encapsulation is an injection molding process in which chips are encapsulated with Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) to prevent physical damage or corrosion.
Until now, modeling has been time-consuming because the mesh had to be created manually. Complex structures complicate meshing even more. Moldex3D Studio now offers an Auto-Mesh technology, which aims to automatically mesh the volume based on the 2D layout and primary settings. The benefits of this technology offer significant upfront time savings as well as improved usability in IC modeling.

For automatic hybrid meshing, the user ideally needs a 2D layout. In Studio, the Encapsulation Component Wizard then transfers the layout into IC components with the appropriate attributes and settings. Later, during mesh generation, the Encapsulation Solid Mesh Wizard is used to prepare a fine mesh model through a series of parameter settings. After the usual quality check, you can then proceed with your usual project and analysis settings for IC encapsulation simulation.


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