Fluid-assisted Injection Molding with Push Back Simulation
08. Dec 2021

Fluid-assisted Injection Molding with Push Back Simulation


Do you know the advantages of 'push-back technology' with regard to fluid-assisted injection molding?  Take a look at our article and learn how to produce components time-saving and cost-efficient with optimal surface quality ...  

In the new version of Moldex3D, a lot of effort, ideas and know-how have been invested and implemented in the further development of technical possibilities of the GAIM and WAIM modules. These now support the 'Push-Back Technology', in which it is shown how the melt is pushed back into the barrel of the injection molding machine by the gas/water. The innovations in the latest version allow the user to examine the behavior of injecting gas and water in more detail, in order to be able to produce both lightweight components and components with cavities, as well as to reduce material waste and achieve a higher surface quality than with the short-shot method.

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