Get close – BIMS Seminars in May!
15. Mar 2023

Get close – BIMS Seminars in May!

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What better way to start the blissful month of May than with our exclusive, highly successful BIMS seminar series. Grab your chance and update yourself and find your way to a successful, optimal component design. Develop an in-depth understanding of polymer physics processes and the complex interactions of phenomena during injection molding, regardless of your scientific background knowledge.
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More than 2,500 satisfied and enthusiastic participants confirm how valuable the knowledge gained and the content imparted are for their own everyday professional life. Let Dr. Vito Leo, plasticsYOU, make you smart. He has dedicated his entire professional career to the plastics industry. Since 1999, it has been extremely dear to him to share his acquired expertise in his BIMS seminars and to clarify scientific backgrounds and theories to make the work easier for all those dealing with the topic of plastics on a daily basis. Benefit from his vast expertise in physics and rheology of thermoplastics, injection molding processes, injection molding simulation as well as the mechanical properties of polymers.

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__ BIMS 1 – Understanding Injection Molding of Thermoplastics on May 23 and 24, 2023 or
__ BIMS 2 – Understanding mechanical properties of thermoplastics on May 25 and 26, 2023 in Böblingen, Germany.

The focus of the BIMS 1 seminar is the path to successful, optimal part design, developing a deep understanding of polymer physics processes and the complex interactions of phenomena during injection molding, regardless the scientific background knowledge.

The BIMS 2 seminar focuses on optimal material selection, part design and part performance. Amongst others, the stress and strain behavior of polymers, time-temperature effects, effects of crystallinity, notch effects and stress concentrations, micro-cracking of polymers, fatigue and creep behavior of polymers, physical aging of polymers, etc. are explained.

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Addressed are engineers who design molds, mold manufacturers, injection molders, project managers who are responsible for the development of molds, R/E engineers who are interested in injection molding, technical engineers who are interested in the weaknesses and strengths of the process, material engineers or designers who want to deepen their knowledge about suitable materials ...

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