MCM - Temperature of the re-melted area
15. Mar 2023

MCM - Temperature of the re-melted area


In multi-component molding (MCM), the plastic material can be re-melted by injecting another component. This article is about learning more about the "Re-Melted-Area Temperature" result in Moldex3D.

The result for the temperature in the re-melting area shows the temperature distribution of the part insert during multi-component molding (MCM) of the area where the two components come into contact and where the temperature exceeds the freezing temperature. This result can help evaluate the area where the first component re-melts during the second shot. In the MCM process the plastic material from the first shot can be re-melted during the filling of the second shot. The re-melted plastic from the first shot may decompose and mix with the plastic from the second shot, resulting in plastic degradation, a change in mechanical properties or visual defects. The solutions may lie in controlling the process conditions (adjusting the filling time), improving the cooling system in the area of the contact surfaces or in making a better material selection.


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