Lights out, Spot on … or onto?!
09. Feb 2022

Lights out, Spot on … or onto?!

Let's go!!! & SpotON!
No, we don't want to revive the German cult TV show from the 70s. Our presenter is Florian Aichberger (he is a sales engineer at SimpaTec Austria) and not Ilja Richter ... However, we are extremely pleased to place the spot(light) onto the speakers of our next SpotOn "Importance of Materials?!" on Thursday, February 24, 2022, 4:00 pm. We are delighted to have renowned materials experts aboard for our free, digital event. It's worth it! Register now "Lights out - Womm! SpotON - Yaaa!"

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Our SpotOn will be opened by Mr. Anton Sageder. He is a simulation expert at Borealis Polyolefine GmbH, department Innotech - CC Digital Innovation, in Linz/Austria. Besides being responsible for injection molding and structural simulations, his is also active in the field of material research. With his technical paper "Shrinkage and warpage prediction - It's all about the material?", Mr. Sageder is clrealy at the pulse of the time: "Good predictions for shrinkage and warpage bring many advantages such as cost and time savings, better quality. 'Get it right now!' is the motto. However, more accurate knowledge of the quality of the material data used is required - adjustments could be necessary. The routine shown in the SpotON is intended to provide a remedy ..."

Ms. Nina Krempl and Dr. Ivica Duretek both work at the professorship of Plastics Processing at the ‘Montanuniversität’ of Leoben. In their technical contribution they will present current news and expertise regarding the influence of pressure-dependent material data in injection molding simulation. In her work as a research associate, Ms. Krempl deals with tasks in the fields of project management, R&D, injection molding & recycling. She finds that it definitely and above all depends on the material, because "Injection molding simulation is a numerical calculation method whose basis is, amongst others, material models and measured material data." Dr. Duretek agrees: "The quality of the simulation results depends, amongst others, heavily on the quality of the material data - 'garbage in, garbage out'." As head of material data determination, he is responsible for this area of expertise at the professorship of plastics processing.

Conclusively, Cristoph Hinse, Managing Director of SimpaTec, will take a closer look at the importance of the topic of materials for 3D CAE simulation calculations in his technical presentation "Digital Twin - Material". He will focus especially on the topic of material characterization. This is significant because the material used is often the cause of unexpected component behavior, abnormalities in the production process or critical areas in the component. Avoidable alteration procedures in the tool design or component design thus cause additional high costs. Reliable characterization of material properties, such as temperature or strain rate dependencies is elementary in order to make the right decisions. "The importance of material characteristics is steadily increasing. But what about availability, quality, etc.?! Reasons for inaccuracies are complex but there are answers!"

Our moderator __ Mr. Florian Aichberger will, of course, answer your questions after his introductory words and during the chat throughout the event. Additionally, the most important chat questions will be up for discussion at the end of the SpotOn.

Once again, our attendees can expect a special treat for the English version of our SpotOn "Importance of Materials", Thursday, February 24, 2022, 4:00 pm. __ Dr. Vito Leo, co-founder and partner of plasticsYOU, will additionally contribute a technical presentation about the influence of shear stresses in injection molding. It is entirely up to you to decide whether it really "depends on the material"!

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