Made it - Olaf has reached his destination!
12. Jan 2022

Made it - Olaf has reached his destination!

Olaf has reached his goal! Yippie ei yeah - that was an adventure – straight across the Atlantic!!!
Finally, he made it - a bit tired from the journey but overjoyed Olaf & the crew of Carlotta arrived in Martinique. Accompanied by a big backpack full of lasting impressions, new experiences and the realization that endurance pays off, to go through hard times, to pioneer new approaches to be successful in the end.

It truly was a real adventure - and Olaf is a bit proud that everything went so well.  It was a bit annoying, that they had to wait such a long time in Tenerife. Fortunately, the waiting at some point was over and the winds were just right. First, they headed for Cape Verde, a volcanic group of islands off the northwest coast of Africa. Wow that was exactly to Olaf's liking - lots of wind and great waves. He already liked Cape Verde - a beautiful island with great flair. Together with Paula he was allowed to explore the island, met many new people – and it was perfect that one of the crew members spoke the local language. And the local food was really delicious, which met exactly Olaf's taste 😉!!! They merely arrived when things suddenly went very fast and the announcement came - off we go – straight across the Atlantic Ocean towards the Caribbean. A few items were quickly shopped at the market and then - yes - FINALLY - it Carlotta's crew set sail for the adventurous passage!!! Olaf was a bit nervous at first, being all alone in the middle of the sea and only water as far as the eye could see ... But together they made it, braved the wind and the waves, sailed around all the cliffs and mastered all the challenges - what a wonderful experience this adventure was! Olaf has almost forgotten that his loved ones at home are humming Christmas carols, eating lots of cookies and toasting a healthy New Year 😉 ... As scheduled, a little tired but overjoyed, the crew reached the Caribbean island of Martinique at the beginning of the New Year. Olaf is very grateful for all the experiences he was able to make and is especially proud to realize - together you can do anything!!!

Break your limits.
Make your project our project. Let's go. Now.

PS: For those who want to know more about Olaf's adventure, here is a short summary including a lot of pictures 😉.


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