‘Material Selection Guidance’ with MHC
24. May 2023

‘Material Selection Guidance’ with MHC


In a world of automation and fast-moving requirements, wouldn't it be great if you could click a button and the right material would be directly available? This is no longer wishful thinking - the 'Material Selection Guidance' in the Moldex3D MHC makes it possible!

Amongst other functions, the Moldex3D Material Hub Cloud offers the possibility to find a suitable material for the required application. For this purpose, the user can define various criteria to narrow down the search accordingly. The available criteria are divided into the categories of application, characteristics and processing method. Under Application, for example, "household appliances", "aerospace" or even "additive manufacturing" can be selected. The Characteristics category is divided into options such as "High Stiffness," "Heat Stabilized," or "Excellent Processability." For the processing method, a distinction can be made between all possible processes, such as injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, etc. After the search, the materials found can be checked for quality and compared with each other as usual. Alternative materials can be searched for and finally the material files can be downloaded for simulation with Moldex3D.

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