MHC - Cutting-edge and high-performance material database
31. Oct 2023

MHC - Cutting-edge and high-performance material database


Easy access by means of a browser
Material Hub Cloud (MHC) is a cloud-based database. Up-to-date material information guarantees high-quality data for processing plastic materials. You can access all data from anywhere at any given time a without the necessity to install any additional software. Easy navigation through more than 8,000 data entries and the search function for alternative materials help designers and engineers find ideal materials faster, shorten project times and make communication with customers much easier. MHC assists product designers to evaluate material properties and manufacturing processes in order to be able to filter suitable materials. For Moldex3D users MHC is an extension of the current simulation material database and helps to implement suitable materials for CAE simulation.

 We are more than happy to answer your questions and inform you in detail about Moldex3D Material Hub Cloud. Please contact us at: 0241 565 276-0 or send an email

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