Moldex3D Studio API
06. Jul 2022

Moldex3D Studio API


In a world of automation and fast-paced requirements, wouldn't it be great if you could click a button and have the simulation results available a few hours later? Additionally, would you like to automate your simulations, create your own workflow and get a quick summary of multiple runs? Then take a closer look at Moldex3D Studio API - it's the perfect solution!

Moldex3D Studio API implements the most trendy and easy-to-use Python language for uses to build their own simulation workflow. The idea is – what you click is what you can script. In other words, clicking icons/features in Moldex3D Studio are now the building blocks for you to build your own ‘storyboard’. Tasks can be small or extensive. For example, one can create a simple script to send a notifying email with a quick summary when the simulation job is finished. Thus, one is able to focus on other tasks without be distracted by frequently checking the running status.
A broader example is - users can automate the complete Moldex3D simulation, apply different input variables, fetch targeted results, run optimization with internal or external solver, then generate a customized report automatically.
Less human efforts, more productive outcomes.

Feel free to contact us for more information. Our experts will to provide the most suited solution based on your requirements.

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