Fiber orientation meets environmental awareness
29. Jun 2022

Fiber orientation meets environmental awareness


Simulation plays a major role to help manufacturers to easily crossover to lightweight materials and manufacturing processes. Due to an increasingly environmental awareness and the associated desire for carbon reduction and green energy, fiber prediction functions in Moldex3D have now also been developed for GAIM, WAIM, and co-injection molding in order to predict fiber orientation more accurately

Furthermore, Moldex3D continues its technology leadership in fiber composites simulation with its flow-fiber coupling analysis feature, which empowers engineers to more accurately capture the anisotropic flow behavior induced by fiber orientation. Composite components that deal with high concentration of fibers and demand high accuracy will greatly benefit from this innovative coupling method. Moldex3D fiber orientation analysis also supports a new filler type—flat fibers to enable greater design freedom and help achieve better mechanical properties and improved dimensional stability.

In addition to the above-mentioned features Moldex3D also supports Fiber-mat thermoplastic continuous fiberboard composite simulation. By setting the continuous fiber material property values, users can analyze how fiber orientation impacts product quality and mechanical strength to further optimize their product designs.

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