Moldex3D Viewer
13. Sep 2023

Moldex3D Viewer


You intend to share results with colleagues or clients but don't have enough studio licenses? By By using the Moldex3D Viewer, results from simulations can be visualized and viewed without the need for a license.

The Moldex3D Viewer, allows Moldex3D Studio users to send simulation results to customers, partners etc.. Those involved in the project can view the results as long as required and in detail using the Moldex3D Viewer. This provides an easy and fast exchange of information. In order to view a simulation in the viewer one either requires access to the entire project folder or a viewer file (*.mrmv). Since version 2021 the viewer file can be created in Moldex3D Studio. Since user-defined results can be exported and saved, the viewer file offers the advantages of a comparably low memory requirement and a read-only view. In the viewer view, for example, probe nodes can also be set at specific locations after creation, e.g. in order to retrieve temperature results in a user-defined way. Distance measurements, roundness or flatness measurements are also possible.

We are happy to inform you in detail about the Moldex3D Viewer. Please contact: 0241 565 276-0 or send an email to


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