Liberating workflow !!
06. Sep 2023

Liberating workflow !!


In order for a product to go through the entire holistic production cycle - from design to manufacturing - several 'trial and error' tests are often required. How can these steps be automated? The integrated API function in Moldex3D 2023 enables exactly this - automated and customized workflows with just one click! With Moldex3D 2023, brand new functionalities are available to the user. The integrated API function enables automated processing of workflows with just one click. Fully automated simulation workflows based on own experience support and improve the user's productivity throughout the workflow. Predefined parameters allow customizable and company-specific definition of the simulation flow to standardize results and evaluations. Furthermore, API offers companies the possibility to integrate product design and structural analysis programs to essentially speed up the development process. Less effort - more productivity!

Moldex3D API will do the 'programming' for you!!! For more information, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will find the most suitable solution for your request.

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