Molding Innovation DAY_ 2023_Lille
29. Sep 2023

Molding Innovation DAY_ 2023_Lille

We are constantly updating the latest global trends and incorporating creative and innovative ideas into our powerful product portfolio.

If you are interested in the breadth of knowledge, ideas, and current technical developments in solutions for the plastics processing industry, if you would like to discuss or have questions about the development and optimization of your parts and tools, then knowledge and experience sharing are our most valuable assets.

We are pleased to inform you, as part of our Molding Innovation Day in Lille, about the potentials and perspectives of future manufacturing processes. Come and discuss with us and industry experts how to manufacture tools even faster and more efficiently or reduce the production time of series tools while increasing the quality of parts, etc.

Anyone interested in the theme "Promising Injection Molding Technologies" is invited to participate.
The conference will be held in English and French.

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